Please feel free to browse our albums for our dogs. We currently have two working females, a female puppy, and a male puppy.  We cannot wait to see these pups grow up and show us what their outstandings pedigrees are made of! We will be updating these new pups' albums often, so stay tuned!


Head'n'Heels' Jake (Hoss) {DECEASED}

Lovingly known as Hoss at our place, this black and white male is all personality, and all dog, 55 lbs. of dog that is. Although he is still our "baby", he is already proving to live up to his impressive pedigree., which is second to none. He has World, International, and National Champion bloodlines, as well as many other winnings in his pedigree. He is the "star of the show" here at 3L Border Collies, and we could not be more satisfied with him! 

Katty Mae of Sand Springs Border Collies

 Katty Mae is a blue merle tri female with a love for herding and her owner. Katty has an eye like we have never seen on a border collie. She is extrememly focused and determined whatever job she is asked to do. She is by far the dog with the most natural herding instinct of our dogs. She has champion potential and has thrown pups with the same winning potential. She is loyal guardian with a human like personality. She is my personal dog, and I could not have asked for a better dog to bring into my father's breeding program. We are both very proud to call her a 3L Border Collie!
Ready to go to work!

Barnes' Bullet (RETIRED)

 Barnes' Bullet is our slick coat black and white female. She is our primary working dog, and is capable of herding anything from our baby chicks to our cattle.  She has such a great balance of fight and gentleness. She is extremely obedient and is completely satisfied with a little loving as payment for any task. We are so happy to have her at 3L Border Collies. She has officially been retired as of the summer of 2014. We kept a female pup out of her last litter, "3L's Rebel Dean", who will be continuing her legacy.


Punch is a traditionally marked black and white male with a full white collar, blaze and white tips, and a rough coat. He was born in January of 2012, and became a part of the 3L family the day after his 2nd birthday. He is full of fight and very outgoing. He is always ready to work gives it his all. We are looking forward to seeing what he is capable of as we continue his training. He was raised around cattle and that seems to be his strong point. Outside of work he is a very loving and affectionate dog with a huge will to please!

3L's Rebel Dean

3L's Rebel Dean, is black and white, short coat female out of Barnes' Bullet and Punch.  This young pup will be picking up where her mother left off now that she has been retired. Rebel is already showing remarkable potential. She is definitely living up to the intelligence, will to work, and exceptional drive of her two parents.  She was born March of 2014 and we cannot wait to see what the rest of her training and first litter will produce. Keep an eye out for this girl! She just might have the whole package!
such a lover!

TBC Rowdy Dean

TBC Rowdy Dean is from Karen Thompson in New Kent, Virginia. His pedigree boasts a Welsh imported ancestry as well as an internationl champion! This rough coat, black and white male is full of love and energy. When it comes to livestock he could not be more excited to work, but also knows how to sit back and think it through first. he has an exceptionally positive attitude and such a joy to work with or a better companion. We are so proud to have him as apart of the 3L family and cannot wait to see much more he will progress through the rest of his training. This guy has it all and we cant wait to show you!