All of our dogs will be up to date on all their vaccinations and checked out by our vet before you receive your dog. We will not offer any dog for purchase with any KNOWN diseases or disabilities that will interfere with their HERDING ABILITIES. If a health condition does exist after you receive your dog that was present when we sold you your dog AND you were not informed of previous to purchase, we will refund your money AFTER THE RETURN OF THE DOG. If you were aware of any condition before you purchased the dog, and purchased the animal anyways, WE WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE and WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY.

If you would like to get on our waiting list, all you need to do is provide your full contact information, your gender preference, and what dam/sire you are interested in. There will be a nonrefundable deposit of $200 due when the litter is born, assuming a puppy with characteristics you specified is present. This deposit is not an extra fee; it will be included in the payment of your puppy. You may also put a deposit down for a puppy, unless it has already been reserved, at anytime, but the guarantee to hold your puppy can not be provided without a deposit or being on the waiting list. (see "PAYMENT" paragraph below) If deposit is paid for a puppy that becomes ill, or develops any illness or health condition, the deposit will be refunded or you may pick another puppy. (see "VACCINATIONS & HEALTH" paragraph above)

All of our dogs require a $150-200 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. The status of your puppy will say "SALE PENDING" until the deposit is received, and will then be "SOLD". Your deposit will have one week to reach us. If your deposit does not reach us by then your dog will no longer be reserved. The remaining balance will be paid when you pick up your dog. If shipping your dog, full payment is due BEFORE the puppy leaves our possession.  This amount must be paid in CASH, unless special arrangements were made BEFORE picking up your puppy. We will NOT accept any payment more than what is owed to us. If you make a check out to us over the amount owed, it will be shredded. I have had people try to scam me in this way, so I will make no exceptions on this. If you are including shipping price, ONLY the amount I HAVE QUOTED, will be allowed on top of the price of the puppy. If you are handling your own shipping costs, I will not be involved or be responsible for any payment towards the shipping costs.
The deposit may be paid in the form of cash, cashiers check, money order, or check. BUT, if you pay in cash, DO NOT MAIL us your deposit. Cash deposits will need to be transfered in person. If you send a check that does not clear, or is fraudulent, the hold on your puppy will be immediatley TERMINATED.
If you are on our waiting list or pay for your dog before they reach 6 weeks of age your total price will only be $350, and we will cover your registration fees as well. After 6 weeks of age puppies will be sold for $400 due to the cost of advertising, extra vaccinations and health exams, and food costs. 

 We breed our dogs to be great workers who also have temperments appropriate for a companion.  Border Collies need lots of room to excercise and need a "job" or they will become bored which results in poor  and sometimes destructive behavior. Border collies as a breed and especially our dogs, can be used for many things other than a pet. Therapy, seeing eye dogs, and agility are just the beginning. We will not sell our dogs to someone who cannot properly take care of the dog. Feel free to arrange a time to come see our farm and our dogs at work. We would love to get to know you and show you what we are all about at 3L Border Collies.
If you have any questions about picking up your dog feel free to ask us. We will be more than happy to make arrangements to meet you with your dog within a reasonable distance. We can also ship your dog to you with an additional fee. However, we prefer not to ship the dog so we can keep the process as comfortable as possible for the dog.
 We are frequently in the following areas in Oklahoma: Metro, Duncan-Lawton, Weatherford, & Stillwater.
 Puppies will be able to go to their new homes no sooner than 7 weeks old and, if possible, no sooner than 8 weeks old.  This decision will be made by 3L Border Collies and our veterinarians ONLY.  This is STATE LAW in Oklahoma and there will be NO EXCEPTIONS.